Things to see

  • Museums

    The museums will take you on a journey through time from the treasures of Charlemagne to state-of-the-art information technology.

  • History

    There are numerous traces of history remaining throughout the Paderborner Land which make you want to embark on an exciting journey.

  • Technology

    Come to the Paderborner Land and be fascinated by technology throughout the ages; from giant steam engine locomotives to oil-mills.

  • Ecclesiastical Buildings

    The Paderborner Land and the history of the church go closely together. Come and discover our impressive sacred buildings.

  • Nature

    The landscapes in the Paderborner Land are renowned for an abundance of water sites. Visit and enjoy our beautiful springs and lakes.

  • Leisure activities

    The Paderborner Land provides a wealth of choice of leisure activities.

  • Relaxation

    Enjoy relaxation in the Paderborner Land by visiting some of our many historic sites or by simply taking a trip to the animal park.