• The Wewelsburg Castle

    Wewelsburg Castle was built between 1603 to 1609 in the style of the Weser- Renaissance; it served as a second residence for the Prince Bishops of Paderborn. This triangular castle rises high above the valley of the River Alme and sits majestically on a mountain ridge in the village of Wewelsburg, a suburb of the town of Büren in the County of Paderborn.

  • The Heinz Nixdorf Museums Forum

    Welcome to the largest computer museum worldwide in Paderborn: Experience and discover 5,000 years ...

  • Schloß Neuhaus and its Museums

    Schloß Neuhaus, the former residence of the Prince Bishops of Paderborn, is deemed to be one of the most significant early examples of the Weser-Renaissance in this area and is therefore one of the main attractions in the Paderborner Land.

  • The Archiepiscopal Diocesan Museum

    The museum accommodates a comprehensive collection of sacral art from the 10th to the 20th Century. This comprises approximately 6,000 exhibits in the exhibition rooms, which from 1991 to 1993 underwent complete renovationgezeigt werden.

  • The German Tractor and Model Car Museum

    Across an area of more than 3,000 square metres, the museum presently has about ...

  • The Adam and Eve House and the Museum of Town History

    The Adam and Eve House is one of the oldest Tudor-style buildings in Paderborn. It was ...

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