The Aabach Water Reservoir at Bad Wünnenberg

The Aabach Water Reservoir is a very special drinking water reservoir. Every day it supplies 1/4 million people with the highest quality drinking water. The reservoir is 3 kilometres long and at its widest point it measures 1.5 kilometres across. Once the water has been treated and prepared, it is distributed via a pipeline network approximately 90 kilometres long. The reservoir has a capacity of 17 million cubic metres and also supplies certain suburbs of Paderborn. Moreover, the Aabach Reservoir is a very popular local leisure resort and a paradise for nature lovers. The 9-kilometre route around the reservoir entices long walks, Nordic Walking tours or cycling and in-line skating. Enjoy the fantastic view across the water and the peace and tranquillity around the reservoir. From Bad Wünnenberg the reservoir is easily accessible on foot.



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