The Bare Foot Path and the Aa-Valley Nature Adventure

The Aa-Valley nature adventure is worth a visit at any time. The motto here is ‘joining in, trying-out and enjoying’. The Aa-Valley nature adventure provides ample room for playing, relaxing and activities.
Take off your shoes and socks and allow your feet a few minutes of freedom on the Adventure Bare Foot Path around the paddling lake. On a route of more than one kilometre you can literally feel the refreshing water of a brook, the warm sensation of walking bare feet across bark mulch, fine or coarse gravel, muddy clay or simply treading on grass.
Walking across a hanging bridge and a 34 m long wooden plank trail, which takes you right across the marshland and meadows, will give you a totally new perspective.
The restaurant at the ‘Aatalhaus’ invites you to relax with coffee and cake or enjoy the water tread basin in the ‘Kneipp’ oasis. Stop for a picnic around the large playground or watch the red and roe deer, llamas and a large herd of aurochs from the ‘Neander Valley’ in the expanse of the game preserve. During the school holidays, young explorers of nature can take part in special holiday programmes or enjoy the lady falconer’s birds of prey flying presentation. Dates and information are available from the Bad Wünnenberg Touristik GmbH. The Aa-Valley is a crossing point of many cycling and rambling routes in the Paderborner Land. The Aa-Valley Reservoir is easily accessible by foot. A 9-kilometre route around the reservoir entices in-line skating, walking or cycling.
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