The Boker-Heathland-Canal at Delbrück

The Boker-Heathland-Canal is one of the most important technical cultural monuments in North Rhine Westphalia. It owes its name to the village of 'Boke' near Delbrück. At its feed-in lock, to the west of Paderborn-Schloß Neuhaus, only a few 100 metres behind the embouchure of the Rivers Alme and Pader into the River Lippe, it is fed with the water of the Lippe. Its course stretches via a length of 32 kms across Delbrück to Cappel near Lippstadt, where it again enters into the Lippe.
Until the mid-seventies, it was used as a watering and melioration canal. The up to 3 km wide melioration area was watered with the assistance of 16 main locks, numerous sub-canals and water and drainage ditches. Managed flooding of the land facilitated cultures of meadows and fields to grow on this dry sandy heathland soil. Today, the Boker-Heathland-Canal is a popular destination. The cycle paths on the avenues of trees along the canal are ideal for lovely bicycle rides.





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