The Castle Ruins and the Spring of the River Lippe

The ruins of the Castle, a landmark of Bad Lippspringe, are the remains of a fortification, which was built probably at the beginning of the 14th Century. Over the centuries the Castle was frequently under siege and destroyed. Until the early 19th Century, the Chapter of Paderborn Cathedral (the Dom) was the proprietor of the Castle. Today, the ruins serve as the setting for many cultural and festive events. The castle’s classy ambience has become a popular setting for weddings. Following its complete renovation and modernisation, the castle cellar beneath the ruins is used for stylish concerts, medieval feasts, literary readings and many other events. One of Bad Lippspringe's natural assets is certainly its water. The spring of the River Lippe in the shadow of the castle ruins is the source of North-Rhine-Westphalia’s longest river. This spring gave the town its name. With a delivery of approximately 740 litres per second, it is one of the most powerful river springs in Germany. The funnel of the spring, in the centre of the source basin, often shines in a deep blue colour and is known colloquially as 'Odin's eye'.

Historically, the spring was first mentioned in the 8th Century A.D. (776,780,782) when the Emperor Charlemagne and his troops camped at the 'Springs of the Lippe', in order to hold the ‘Reich's Assemblies’. However, the Spa town has other springs too, for example the bubbling source of the River 'Jordan', which is only a few hundred yards away and the 'Arminius', the 'Liborius' and the 'Martinus' springs – the healing springs of the Spa town. Today, the water of the 'Martinus' spring is only used to supply the swimming baths in the 'Martinusquelle' clinic and in the 'Westfalen-Therme' swimming baths. But the water of the Arminus and Liborius springs are freely available and people are welcome to get their supplies of the healing Bad Lippspringe Spa water free of charge at the various public water taps.



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