The Former Hunting Lodge of the Prince Bishop

The origin of the Community of Hövelhof is closely linked to the ‘Hövelhof’, which as the first manor farm of Hövelhof, dates back to the year 1000 at least. The manor farmhouse was located in what is today called ‘Wichmannallee’. It was first mentioned in the tax list of 1446. In 1903, the building was destroyed in a fire.
The then proprietor of the ‘Hövelhof’, Prince Bishop Dietrich Adolph von der Recke, built a hunting lodge in its grounds. About four ‘morgen’ (1.2 hectares) of land were cut-out of the ‘Hövelhof’ estate for this princely venture.
The former hunting lodge and today’s vicarage of the Catholic Community of St. John Nepomuk is registered as a listed building and is depicted frequently as a landmark of Hövelhof on various publications and is a very popular background for photographs.



Hövelhof, Schloßstraße


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