The Jesuit Church and Jesuit College at Büren

The Jesuit Church is a unique Baroque style church in this region; the Society of Jesus completed the building work on the Church near the Jesuits College in 1773. The Jesuit College was erected from 1717 to 1728 on the initiative of the nobleman, Moritz von Büren. Among others, the great Westphalian master of building, Johann Conrad Schlaun, participated in its construction.
However, it is only the façade of this precious sacral building that was built in the style of the Baroque, the interior design bears the characteristics of the Rococo style.

The wooden doors of the aisles show intricate and technically brilliant inlay work. The pictures on the ceilings of the church vault are most impressive. They depict the cycle of the life of Mary, the Mother of God (Immaculata). The fine pastel coloured integrated stuccowork and impressive paintings form a harmonious ensemble. Josef Gregor Winck’s murals and masterly composed paintings are exquisite and a wonderful visual experience.

The church is temporally closed.



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