‘Zur Hilligen Seele’ The Chapel of the Holy Spirit

The ancient Chapel of the Cross, ‘Zur Hilligen Seele’, assumed to date back to the 12th Century, is located in the vicinity of Dörenhagen. The chapel is one of Westphalia’s oldest sanctuaries of the cross. The chapel served for the adoration of the Holy Grave and a cross, which has been guarded carefully since the time of the Crusades. In the Thirty Years’ War, the Swedish destroyed this sanctuary and the venerable cross. Its centre part was later found and returned to the chapel, but without the treasured Particle of the Cross.

In 1972 the tiny church was destroyed in an act of vandalism and the restored cross was stolen. To revive the adoration of the Cross, the church community of Dörenhagen decided to reconstruct the cross based on original pictures. Cardinal Degenhardt of Paderborn mediated that a Particle of the Cross-was provided from Rome to be embedded in the new cross. In its enchanting surrounding of ancient woodland, the chapel provides one of the most scenic settings for photographs in whole of the Paderborner Land.



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