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Welcome to the largest computer museum worldwide in Paderborn: Experience and discover 5,000 years of history of information and communication technology in the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum (HNF). The HNF presents 2,000 exhibits of inventions and developments of information technology and their effects on culture and economic history in a unique way across 6,000 square metres of exhibition ground.

You will start your journey through time 3,000 B.C. at the first attempts of writing and mathematics in Mesopotamia. You will see how 5,000 years ago, the trading of goods was recorded on clay boards. Then do a time warp into the 2nd Century and do your calculations with an abacus. Experience how Mr Gutenberg revolutionised communication technology many centuries later. Typewriters and calculators display the progress made by the mechanisation of communication technology and finally ended in the invention of the first computer. Now, your journey through time is gaining speed. You will see how one technical innovation is overtaken by the next and the computer finds its way from laboratories into offices and finally into our children’s bedrooms. You will meet lots of old acquaintances: Historic PCs like the C64, the Atari or the Apple II will remind you of the Eighties.

Would you like to dare a look into the future? Well, you can by diving into the virtual 3D world of our software theatre; have a chat with Max of Avatar or admire the wearables, the clothes of the future.

The gallery of pioneers is a central component of the exhibition. Biographies and performances of significant personalities of information technology are presented here, ranging from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz and Herman Hollerith right through to Konrad Zuse and Heinz Nixdorf. The history of Nixdorf Computer AG is displayed in a separate exhibition. It shows a significant piece of German economic history.

A varied and exciting programme of special exhibitions and events rounds-off the permanent exhibition. There is a broad educational programme specially designed for children and youngsters. Advance training courses and workshops for interested adults provide the opportunity to get acquainted with a computer. A broad presentation programme promises information and discussions on current issues about people and technology.



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