The Oil Mill at Salzkotten

From the second part of the 16th century, the Oil Mill of Salzkotten was located at the east of the town. In 1986, the Salzkotten e.V. ‘Support Group for Cultural Buildings and Constructions’ reconstructed a mill in the Franz-Kleine-Park. The Group acquired the technical equipment of an old oil mill from Wewelsburg and erected the fully functioning building with a characteristic ‘kollergang’ on the ‘Crafts Island’. The compression process with two fitted cotters and a central release cotter is a rarity among the very few oil mills that are still in operation.
The ‘Crafts Island’ also accommodates a wooden shoemaker’s workshop, a bakery, a wheelwright’s workshop with a blacksmith’s shop; all of these are open to the public. There are free oil-beating presentations every first Sunday of the month from April through to October (the Mill Sunday) or subject to prior arrangements. The Crafts Island also offers local heritage presentations and exhibitions. Admission is free of charge.



Salzkotten, Lange Strasse


Förderverein für Kulturhistorische Bauten und Bauwerke e.V.
33154 Salzkotten
Tel. 05258 6421