The Black Death Cemetery at Wünnenberg-Leiberg

In 1635, 400 victims of the Plague were laid to rest in this place. According to history, only 7 people from Leiberg survived. The 17th Century sandstone Black Death cross is a memorial to the epidemic. An iron book at the cemetery tells of the dramatic events, when the "Black Death" swept through Westphalia in the 30 Year War.
In the course of Christianisation, the first church was built in the early medieval village of 'Andepen', which is today called Leiberg.
Apparently, in the time of the Saxons, a pagan god was worshipped at a temple, which stood at the location of the now renovated church. In about 1390, the robbing knights of the 'Bengeler Fehde' ransacked 'Andepen'. The iron book tells of these events.



Bad Wünnenberg-Leiberg
Hiking path "Fünf-Bäche-Weg"


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