Schloß Neuhaus and its Museums

Schloß Neuhaus, the former residence of the Prince Bishops of Paderborn, is deemed to be one of the most significant early examples of the Weser-Renaissance in this area and is therefore one of the main attractions in the Paderborner Land. The construction of the Palace commenced in the 13th Century and continued to be developed until the 16th Century to the four-winged building with its four round corner spires and its moat, as we now know it. Today, the majority of this complex accommodates a local school. The hall of mirrors is a beautiful venue for concerts, presentations and receptions. In 1994, its former Baroque garden was restored in accordance with an original plan for the Federal Garden Exhibition. Every year, from May to October, the ‘Schloßsommer’ (Summer in the Palace) programme provides numerous events in the gardens. Adjacent to the Baroque gardens are 42 hectares of parkland, the ‘Schloß und Auenpark’ is a popular destination for young and old, with museums, restaurants, footpaths, playgrounds, a crazy golf course and a so-called ‘pool’ for skaters.
A ‘green axis’ leads from the ‘Schloß und Auenpark’ along the Boke Canal to the leisure resort of the Lippe Lake.

The exhibition in the museum presents the natural characteristics of the Paderborner Land. It provides information on the geographic position, geology, typical habitats, fauna and flora and a journey through the ages of the earth, very comprehensively and in a most interesting manner. The museum has a special treat for the children, the ‘Kids’ Museum’.



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