The Town Settlement at Blankenrode

The former Town Castle 'Blankenrode' is of special archaeological significance, historians refer to the old Blankenrode as 'the most significant town settlement in Central Europe'. It was built in the middle of the 13th Century on the crest of the southern 'Egge' mountain range and as a border fortification of 'Blankenrode'. Prince Bishop Simon I of Paderborn and the Abbot of Corvey Monastery wanted to mark the borders of their area of jurisdiction against the Count of Waldeck. The old 'Königsweg' (the Royal path), also known as 'Herßweg', ran from the West to the East through the town.

Today, this route is called the 'Warburger Weg'. At its highest point, here on the ridge of the 'South Egge' mountains, it crosses the watershed between the Rivers Rhine and Weser. In 1390, the town was destroyed in the 'Benge Fehde'. The village of Blankenrode is a new settlement dating back to the 16th Century. The lead pits near Blankenrode and the Calamite Violet, the 'Blue Flower' of Blankenrode are well worth a visit.



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