The 'Steinhorster Becken'

With its 82 hectares, this nature conservation area is deemed to be the largest man-made biotope in North Rhine Westphalia and its waters, islands and wetlands on either side of the River Ems form a lovely mosaic in the landscape. This is a primary resting place for many wading birds and all types of ducks in the course of their frequently extremely long migration routes. Here they can feed and rest. The area is also home to fish-eating birds, like herons, cormorants and diving and singing birds. They all find a richly laid table in these lakes.
To the northwest of the dam, a large reed bank and reed grass area comprising approximately 21 hectares has been created and thus offering a suitable habitat to highly endangered species of birds. Visitors are welcome to take a walk along the crest of the dike and enjoy nature at its finest. The crest of the dike and a watchtower in the northern area are ideal for observing fauna and flora through a pair of binoculars.



Delbrück-Steinhorst (L836)


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