Every year, the Paderborner Land provides a great choice of events for you to discover.

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  • Libori, Paderborn

    Wed, 21.02.2018

    The Libori festival in Paderborn is one of the biggest public festivals in Germany; it takes place every year at the end of July to the first week in August. Come and enjoy the fascinating atmosphere of this unique combination of clerical celebrations and worldly festivities that have survived over centuries. Impressive ceremonies and church processions make history come alive and the colourful spectacle of the market and funfair plus many cultural highlights invite you to take part in the celebration.
  • Parkbeleuchtung, Bad Lippspringe

    Wed, 21.02.2018

    Each year, on the second weekend of August, the “Kaiser-Karls-Park” in Bad Lippspringe becomes a spectacle of colour and light. An excellent programme of show and music, delightful figurines and great artists add creativity and colour to the special theme of the year. Thousands of candles, lights and lanterns immerse the Park at night in a sea of light.
  • Katharinenmarkt, Delbrück

    Wed, 21.02.2018

    The Katharinenmarkt at Delbrück takes place on the third weekend of September every year. Its tradition dates back 300 years when it used to be a cattle and flea market. For four days Delbrück delights visitors with a great farmers’ market, a commercial exhibition, a flea market, a huge funfair and a non-stop entertainment programme.
  • Weihnachtsmarkt, Paderborn

    Wed, 21.02.2018

    Each year, from the end of November until 23 December the Paderborn Christmas Market delights its visitors with its great historic atmosphere, lovely decorations and romantic lights around the impressive Cathedral with its splendidly illuminated spiral. About 60 stalls sell typical Christmas decorations and lovely presents in the Christmas Village on the Cathedral Square. Special highlights include the nativity with live animals, the over 100-years old “Paderborn Pony Roundabout” and the “Heißer Wilhelm” beverage, which is consumed out of the customary Paderborn Christmas cup.
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