The Paderborner Land

  • Altenbeken


    The heart of any railway enthusiast and rambler will quicken on hearing the name “Altenbeken”; a picturesque small town at the gate to the Egge Mountains; where railway history and the love of rambling combine in a most charming alliance.

  • Bad Lippspringe

    Bad Lippspringe

    Bad Lippspringe is located in a sheltered spot at the western edge of the Egge Mountains. Its medicinal climate and mineral-water springs have made it a popular destination for many visitors and Spa patients from near and far.

  • Bad Wünnenberg

    Bad Wünnenberg

    Our Dr. Kneipp Spa-town is located in the midst of the rolling hills of the northern Sauerland at the edge of the southern Paderborner Land; and we are renowned both for our Dr. Kneipp’s treatments and for our mild and healthy climate. Dr. Kneipp’s treatments, fitness, beauty and state-of-the-art medical facilities in the

  • Borchen


    Borchen and its delightful green oases have lots to offer to lovers of nature and to visitors in search of recuperation.

  • Büren


    Büren is a place of natural beauty. Located in the midst of the river valleys in the picturesque Alme and Afte river valleys in the south of the Paderborner Land, this former county town provides an appealing mixture of natural beauty, vivid history

  • Delbrück


    Delbrück and its 10 suburbs are home to 30,000 citizens and, with an area comprising 157 square metres, this is the second largest town in the County of Paderborn. Despite its rapid development, Delbrück has managed to retain its lovely provincial and traditional character.

  • Hövelhof


    The water from the springs of the River Ems in Hövelhof is fresh and crystal clear; it is just as refreshing as Hövelhof itself; a community comprising approximately 15,800 citizens. Located in the midst of the Senne landscape and woodlands, at the foot of the Teutoburger Forest, this is the most northern of the Senne communities (70.67 square kilometres) in the Paderborner Land.

  • Lichtenau


    The Township of Lichtenau and its surrounding 15 villages are situated in the lovely Teutoburger Forest and Egge Mountains Nature Park, at the boundaries of the characteristic landscape of the Paderborn Plateau. The area is marked by open wetlands, a varied landscape and an abundance of bygone and contemporary cultural sites and events.

  • Paderborn


    Paderborn is located in the centre of the Paderborner Land and, with its 145,000 citizens, it is the heart of the region. It is a university town and is the economic and cultural centre of an area that stretches far beyond the boundaries of the Paderborner Land itself. Thanks to rapid development during the last decades,

  • Salzkotten


    This attractive Salt Mining Town on the Alten Hellweg Route has developed into a very attractive tourist destination. Whether you enjoy the lively street life of a town or you are in pursuit of peace and quiet in the midst of idyllic landscapes and nature – Salzkotten has a broad spectrum of opportunities on offer - and it

The Paderborner Land

View the Paderborner Land and its varying landscapes from a bird’s eye view.

The County of Paderborn is situated in the centre of Germany in the Eastern region of Westphalia and is easily accessible by rail, via the motorway, by air and even by bicycle.