Büren - a place of natural beauty!

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Büren is a place of natural beauty. Located in the midst of the river valleys in the picturesque Alme and Afte river valleys in the south of the Paderborner Land, this former county town provides an appealing mixture of natural beauty, vivid history and provincial town life. The Bürener Land invites you to experience its natural and cultural delights.

Discover our culture!

Büren offers a great variety of history: “Maria Immaculata”, the Jesuit Church, is the most northern church in the style of the South German Baroque; and right next door to it you will find the Mauritius Grammar School. Until the 18th Century, this was the site of the Büren Castle. The historic “Mittelmühle” (central mill) and the “Bohrmühle” (the bore mill), a former corn and stone mill, are situated in the lovely Alme meadows; and we recommend that you pay a visit and discover history.
Another landmark in this area is the famous Wewelsburg Castle, the historically-marked triangular-shaped castle in Germany. Today, the Wewelsburg is a popular meeting point for people from all over the World. The Castle houses the County Museum and a Youth Hostel; it also accommodates a unique documentation for this region, the “Wewelsburg 1933 – 1945 Memorial Site”. The Ringelstein Castle Ruin with its historic Witch Cellar, “auf der Harth”, is but one of the numerous sights of the Bürener Land. www.kultur-in-bueren.de

Take a walk through nature!

Walking in the Bürener Land goes hand-in-hand with discovering “nature and culture”. Our delightful landscape and an abundance of cultural sights, like the Wewelsburg and the Baroque Jesuit Church Maria Immaculata are only some of the reasons for exploring this area on foot. The Sintfeld-Höhenweg; a 144km long circular rambling route; the permanent Jesuitenpfad (27km), the Grenzstein-Weg (17km) and (well over) 250 kilometres of sign-posted rambling routes all lead rambling enthusiasts and walkers to the most beautiful sites in the Bürener Land. www.wandern-in-bueren.de

Enjoy being active!

Cycling, riding, canoeing and flying – you can certainly keep fit in Büren! The network of cycling routes is very well sign-posted; especially the river valleys, which provide family-friendly cycling routes along the Auen-and Alme- Cycling-Route. The Paderborner Landroute is ideal for exploring the County of Paderborn by bicycle with the added bonus of keeping fit at the same time. www.radfahren-in-bueren.de

Discovery the Town!

Büren is also a popular shopping town. The Burgstraße runs through the centre of town and is known as the heart of Büren. Its attractive shops provide a pleasant day’s shopping. In the farmers’ market, in the centre of town, farmers sell local produce and fruits and vegetables from this region, and typical local pubs and restaurants welcome you to enjoy the legendary Westphalian hospitality.



Büren with

  • Ahden
  • Barkhausen
  • Brenken
  • Eickhoff
  • Harth
  • Hegensdorf
  • Ringelstein
  • Siddinghausen
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  • Weine
  • Wewelsburg

190–360 m above sea level,
22689 inhabitants

Stadt Büren
Königstraße 16
33142 Büren
Tel: +49 2951 970124
Fax: +49 2951 970120