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The Township of Lichtenau and its surrounding 15 villages are situated in the lovely Teutoburger Forest and Egge Mountains Nature Park, at the boundaries of the characteristic landscape of the Paderborn Plateau. The area is marked by open wetlands, a varied landscape and an abundance of bygone and contemporary cultural sites and events.
Take a walk through the unique and vast nature and landscape protection areas, and experience at first hand the relaxation that nature has to offer, and/or enjoy a great variety of outdoor activities. Whether you are exploring the idyllic rambling routes on foot, like the Sintfeld-Höhenweg (Sintfeld Mountain Ridge Route), the Altenau Wanderweg (River Altenau Rambling Route) or the Wilderer-Wanderweg (Poachers” Rambling Route), or whether you prefer going by bicycle along the well sign-posted cycle routes, Lichtenau is an ideal place to experience and enjoy forests and natural landscape. You will find sandstone cliffs, heath-lands and high moorlands gently rolling across the characteristic “karst” landscape of the Paderborn Plateau. Pretty watercourses meander through the area and, over centuries, have created romantic river valleys along their way; the very popular Altenautal (River Altenau Valley) is just one of them.
The stone-chamber graves dating back to the New Stone Age, the Canon’s “Spieker” (store) at Atteln, the deserted medieval settlement and the “Galmeiveilchen” (Galmei violet) in the lead mines of Blankenrode (the only site of this type in Europe), plus the Baroque Pilgrimage Chapel in Kleinenberg and the Augustinian Canon Monastery in Dalheim, all bear witness to the significant history of this area. Experience the vivid history of Lichtenau at first hand!
Life in Lichtenau is enhanced by numerous cultural and traditional events and institutions. The monastery at Dalheim; with its Country Museum of Monastic Culture, the beautiful gardens and ever-varying exhibitions; is an ideal destination for a visit. The “Dalheimer Summer” is a cultural festival with first-class theatre performances and concerts, and the annual Monastery Market are special events in August, which should not be missed. The most impressive “Mary”s Pilgramage and Mystery Plays” in Kleinenberg are famous across the region. Every two years, on the first weekend in October, Lichtenau is the venue of the Wildschütz-Klostermann-Market; this is a market that follows the themes of nature, the forest, game and renewable energy. A visit to the market is like a journey through the world of the forest and nature itself, and those interested will find plenty of information about future energy too.
Lichtenau is certainly an ideal venue to experience tradition and culture, but it is also a town with a view to the future: With the worldwide first Technology and Foundation Centre for Future Energies, Lichtenau has established itself as a state-of-the-art location for the administration and development of future energies. Since the early Nineties Lichtenau/Westphalia has accommodated what was at one time Europe’s largest inland wind park.
Lichtenau – 15 villages – one town: Lichtenau and its 15 villages offer a broad spectrum of cultural, historical and future-orientated options designed to make your stay an enjoyable and memorable experience.



Lichtenau with

  • Asseln
  • Atteln
  • Blankenrode
  • Dalheim
  • Ebbinghausen
  • Grundsteinheim
  • Hakenberg
  • Henglarn
  • Herbram
  • Herbram-Wald
  • Holtheim
  • Husen
  • Iggenhausen
  • Kleinenberg

180–400 m above sea level,
11216 inhabitants

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