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Paderborn is located in the centre of the Paderborner Land and, with its 145,000 citizens, it is the heart of the region. It is a university town and is the economic and cultural centre of an area that stretches far beyond the boundaries of the Paderborner Land itself. Thanks to rapid development during the last decades, Paderborn has grown into a lively, but very manageable city, with a high quality of life and great leisure facilities. First-time visitors to Paderborn will be pleasantly surprised by its attractive town centre and pedestrian precinct, its numerous tourist attractions, its romantic alleyways and little lanes and, of course, the 200 hot and cold springs of the River Pader, Germany’s shortest river.
Heinz Nixdorf, the computer pioneer and entrepreneur has played a major role in the development of Paderborn. He laid the foundation for significant growth in the business of computer technology. His former head office has been transformed into the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum which, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is the largest computer museum in the world. In addition to modern computer technology, visitors will find cuneiform scripts dating back 5,000 years, typewriters reaching back over two centuries and the worldwide largest collection of pocket calculators and mobile telephones.
Computer and the Clergy, high-tech and the medieval – Paderborn is full of contrasts - but you would be pressed to find another major city in Germany where these seeming contradictions live in such harmony. Visitors can explore the city on foot, but why not go on a “Segway Tour” and enjoy an unforgettable driving experience as well?
The landscape in front of the city walls of Paderborn provides ample opportunity to make interesting excursions, enjoyable bicycle tours or to walk along varied rambling routes. As an ancient bishopric, Paderborn has always enjoyed very good connections to the “world above”, and thanks to modern technology, the Global Positioning System (GPS) provides another one! Adults and children have lots of fun using the various GPS navigation systems that are on offer. The selection varies from satellite-supported cycle and rambling tours via “geo-caching” to the GPS City Rally and “scavenger hunts” through the City. GPS devices are available from the Tourist Information in the centre of Paderborn, and with one of these electronic guides in your pocket you are well equipped to go on an exciting tour of exploration.



Paderborn with

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97–340 m above sea level,
137974 inhabitants

Tourist Information Paderborn
Marienplatz 2a
33098 Paderborn
Tel: +49 5251 882980
Fax: +49 5251 882990